Friday, 20 August 2010

The Secret of Princess Alice and a Greek Sergeant
Panayotis Vlantis

Between 1956-1958, I and my father visited several times the monastery of Princess Alice, 30 km outside Athens. She was the mother of Philippe, Duke of Edinburgh, and mother in law to Queen Elisabeth II. Her life was full of service to others. She took care of the wounded soldiers, founded houses for orphans and saved Juice hiding them in her house. She was a fine role model of Royal service. On the other hand, my father served as sergeant in the Greek-Italian war defending his country. He fought under extremely low temperature conditions for 51/2 months. During a battle, he ordered his soldiers not to shoot the retreated Italians "because a mother gave birth to them too" and later he took care of the wounded asking them "to forgive him". Later, a bomb almost killed him. Several surgeries followed to ensure his survival. He told me that in one of them at Ioannina Hospital, his soul came out of his body and passed easily through windows and walls. He could see the garden and fly above the town and the lake. Because the sun was hot, he was disturbed and decided to enter the known area of the hospital where he sought to see his fellow crippled soldiers some without arms or legs. During that search, he witnessed his friend, a doctor who later became politician, Mr. G.L. having sexual affairs with the nurse, Miss L.K. He was surprised and could not dare to look anymore. He feared that they might see him. He decided to leave the room. That moment, a higher power, took him away his autonomy and he was swallowed inside it being moved forwards. Soon, he was found in a place entirely different from Earth of incredible beauty. The place was full of emotions, safety, love, respect, and joy. He had different consciousness, more vivid than vision, acuity, smell etc. 
Antonis Vlantis
"Some" beings were waiting as if they knew him. His presence did not surprise them, because they had appeared to him. "Oh dear, how nice it is here! I envy you! I want to stay here and not go back!", he said. "This is impossible! You have a mission to fulfill", they said to the 28-y.o. who had almost one leg and one arm. "Actually, this is the best moment to return, otherwise it will be painful for you." Two beings placed him in the middle and took him to the place where he had arrived. One of them said: "Don't tell anyone anything about it." My father told me that he could hear that voice as if it was happening now. "But why?", he asked. "They are not ready to learn the truth", was the reply. Instantly, he returned to his body. When he recovered gaining consciousness, he saw the doctor, G.L. above him. They were alone. Τo confirm his experience, my father asked: "Are you not shamed? What did you do to L. a little while ago?" The doctor, turned yellow and denied it, so my father started describing what he saw and heard in the other room. "But.. you were having an operation that time. How do you know that?", the doctor said. "My body was having the surgery, not my soul". "Please don't tell anyone about it; I will be embarrassed, ok Antonis?" This story was probably the reason of the strong appreciation that Princess Alice felt for my father, who was an ordinary sergeant.

Citation: Vlantis, P. (2017). The Secret of Princess Alice and a Great Sergeant. In: Avramidis S. (Ed.). Conference on Near-Death Experiences while Drowning (p. 18). Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA: International Swimming Hall of Fame.