Friday, 20 August 2010

The Importance of ISHOF Hosting a Conference on Drowning-Related Near Death Experiences

The Importance of ISHOF Hosting a Conference on Drowning-Related Near Death Experiences
Bruce Wigo

One of the missions of the International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) is to act as an assembly where scholars and aquatic professionals will have the opportunity to meet each other and the general public, and be able to share their expertise about all aquatic topics. This mission has been fulfilled from the time of ISHOF's inception in 1965 in countless occasions, including; Meetings, Conferences, Galas, Grand Prix, and other events (historical and photographical exhibits). Drowning is not a term that people are comfortable hearing about due to the solemn nature of the outcomes. The term "Near-Death Experience" originated in 1975, but there are documented reports that prove that Near-Death Experiences have existed for thousands of years. Twenty per cent of those that survived a close brush with death have recounted one or more of the 16 symptoms that involve this phenomenon. We may have seen films or witnessed friends who claim that they had a life review, met the light and yet, as educators we paid little attention. There have been few presentations that have addressed this phenomenon in tandem with a drowning experience. In order to understand what really happens during a drowning experience we need to take all that we have learned on the topic into account. ISHOF is conceivably the first aquatic related institution in the U.S.A. that will raise this crucial awareness. All those who are in a line of work where water safety is paramount, including; Lifeguards, First Responders and their instructors, Emergency Medical Technicians and services, and swimming instructors, will benefit from this presentation. Anyone who has experienced the NDE phenomenon after an aquatic related life-threatened event and their families are also welcome to attend. Scientists revealed that for those that have had an NDE, it feels more "normal" than normal (Moore & Greyson, 2017). ISHOF proudly opens its doors to discuss this unique and important aspect of drowning. References: Moore, L.E., and Greyson, B. (2017). Characteristics of memories for near-death experiences. Consciousness and Cognition, 51, 116-124.

Citation: Wigo, B. (2017). Reasons why ISHOF Hosts a Conference About Drowning-Related Near-Death Experiences. In: Avramidis, S. (Ed.). Conference on Near-Death Experiences while Drowning (p. 10). Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA: International Swimming Hall of Fame.